Image Shows That the number of handmade ceramic paintings placed on the table

When you have to plan and host a party or celebration every few months and every year, it can become hard to think of new concepts and ideas. How does one come up with interesting themes that involve and engage every guest? It is especially true for parties that have guests who are youngsters. They have small attention spans, and gatherings for them have to be avenues of frolic and enjoyment. A ceramic party is a unique idea that can be utilised for a kid’s party.

Here is a step by step guide of planning a paint it yourself ceramic celebration for children. Follow them to the T and the party will be successful, colourful and memorable.

• The first phase is always to book a place, site or studio. Look for a local place that allows you to make ceramics or just paint them. Ensure that background research has been done on packages and cost. If there is more than one studio, compare their quotes and then pick the better option.

Mr. Chris of spoke to us about their venue highlighting the importance of space and amenities for any event. “Spacious event hall venues with great amenities is really important when it comes to conducting such events. It really brings your event and occasion to life. The gathering will really enjoy the event and will surely make it a point to attend all future events at the venue.”

An Animated Image of six dolls having Ceramic Bowls in his hands with the text showing Party Nights at the Painting Pottery Cafe• When the place of the ceramic party has been booked, it is time to create and send out invitations. Because it is a children’s party plus an entertaining one on that, try making creative invites that appeal to kids. A simple tip is to ask children to come up with ideas for their paint it yourself theme.

• On the day of the celebration, come armed with smartphones, tablets, and iPads. Fill the gadgets with sceneries or cartoon characters that children love. It will ensure that the little ones have something to refer to while painting their pottery. Also, they can inspire children to have fun while colouring the ceramics.

• There will be some parents and kids who will come empty handed with no idea what design they want to paint. Therefore, be ready and prepared with some amusing ideas. Fill in your smart device with extra designs that are full of colours and easy to paint.

And that’s all folks! That is all it takes to plan a paint-it-yourself ceramic party because most of the hard work is done by the studio itself. You just have to take care of a few little things. One last tip before we bid adieu is that ceramic theme can be used for any event and not just kids’ birthday parties such as girl’s night out or bridal showers.

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