A lot of teachers, managers, and small business owners look for activities that help create bonds between people. It is said that when a group of strangers is allowed to mingle in a new and creative setting, they tend to build connections. Ergo, in this article, we share a new way of bond building – pottery painting.

In a pottery painting activity, a collection of individuals creates their own hand-painted pieces. The act of making a one-of-a-kind art and the relaxed setting both help people to let their walls down and start conversing. The very need for getting your hands dirty, applying your left brain to come up with colour combinations and designs and then finally making a piece is conducive to forming relationships.

Plus, a pottery painting class is one that can be held for any group size ranging from just 5 persons to more than 25. So, here are some essential questions and answers to them that must be asked before planning it:

• Who can do it?

As said before, pottery painting is fun for all age groups and one needn’t be a master to colour ceramics. New parents, senior corporate executives, elderlies and teenagers, anyone can roll up their sleeves and splash some paint.

• When can it be done?

A pottery painting class can is an entertaining activity that can be held anytime and for any reason. Bond building between new students in a class or a workshop is just two examples of them. It can be used by companies to help their employees mingle more. It can be used by parents during Christmas time to make ornaments or mugs on special occasions.

Another option is to boost the morale of a team and create a sense of connection before a new gaming season begins. There is no better way to teambuilding than an activity that is all about taking the individual out of their usual social context! Trying to bring a group together is just one aspect of pottery painting, it can also be utilised for charity or fundraising events.

From a private party to a group event, pottery painting is for everything and everyone as long as you find a good enough studio space. Just keep in mind to have artistic ideas and inventive ways to engage the people involved, and you are good to go.

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