Pottery and Ceramic Materials For Home Interior.

Ceramics: The Perfect Antidote To Beige Homes

Pottery has had a long history. It started with a functional and utilitarian role and then morphed into an artistic one. For years now, ceramics have been handed down from one generation to another, connoisseurs have bought pieces meant to be thrown in the garbage pile for astonishing sums. It is safe to say that from prehistoric times to the present, pottery has taken a pivotal role in human lives.

But the question is not how they played a role in the past; it is how they help current, modern homes. The Leading Interior Designers, in one of the biggest metropolitan cities, answer the question.

In any shape and size, ceramics made for the ideal antidote to beige homes, homes that lack an oomph to their décor. It doesn’t matter if you use pottery sparingly or fill a whole cupboard with them; they are a design accessory that brings life to any dwelling. In this article, we explore some of the ways to use pottery and ceramics to elevate your home or office interior design.

Interior With African Pots.

Juxtapose Colour Of The Pottery With The Object

  • The simplest way to decorate a home is with fresh flowers or fruits. To up the design game, use a ceramic vase or bowl to store the flowers or fruits. The idea here is to utilise a pale shade vase so that the bright colours of the flowers pop out. Similarly, take a sandy toned bowl or a moss green one to display the fruits. It will make them appear juicier and appealing.

Do not use a bowl splattered with colours or a vase full of patterns. Plain ceramics are better because they stimulate the senses, not shock them with vibrant shades and designs. The flowers and fruits already have those. It is no use overdoing it.

  • Another easy way to décor is plants. The lush greenery of them brings natural beauty to any home. To jazz up this basic décor idea, switch out the boring terracotta pots with glazed ones. Houseplants in beautiful pots make for an exciting piece of decoration. Two tips to keep in mind here are:
  1. Place the plants in an unusual place and ensure that the glazed pot is visible.
  2. The pot you pick shouldn’t compete with the beauty of the plant. Pick something in subdued jewel tones or with speckled and ombre glaze. They are dressy but not overpowering.

Try buying ceramics that come with a saucer for excess water. If that is not available, get cork coasters. They are great at absorbing excess moisture. Also, ensure that the pot is broad and deep for the plant to grow suitably.

Bring A Little Art To Your Pots And Ceramics

Image That Represent A Little Art To Your Pots and Plants.

  • When you already have a boat of ceramics at home, how do you use them? You bring a little art to it. The most beautifully decorated houses are those which curate Knicks and knacks over time. To give this feeling of curation, try mixing a few pottery pieces. Arrange a few small pieces in the middle with two larger pots on the ends. Here https://www.mojarto.com/blogs/taking-ceramic-art-beyond-pots-and-pans – Check out about how ceramic art plays a major role behind pots and pans

The large pots give the entire thing an anchor. Somethings to keep in mind are:

  1.  You can mix shapes and colours, but try to keep two groupings similar to give a sense of symmetry.
  2. Place each cluster purposefully like at the corner of a tabletop or centre of a bookcase.
  3. You can also place the tall pot at the back with more thick and short ones in the centre
  4. You can arrange them according to colour too.

There is much truth to the adage that no matter how much you spend on walls and furniture home is incomplete without an extra touch. A modest and not so expensive method is ceramics and pottery. A simple vase, a humble bowl for snacks or an unpretentious pot for plants are exceptional for decorative purposes. They don’t take much effort to buy and rarely require any maintenance.

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